"Specializing in the convergence of spirituality and human development"

Donald F. Schwab, Ph. D.
175 Allens Creek Road
Rochester, NY 14618
585) 271-6190
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"Through a process of therapeutic reflection and
self-awareness, life-changes which tend to produce a measure of anxiety or pain can move toward a place of growth and maturity.

   General Consulting Services

Workplace Changes & Challenges
   Group Process Work
      Staff Development, Training & Retreats
         Vision, Value and Mission Clarification Work

 Issue identification & resolution.
 Organizational development & planning.
 Board, commmittee & leadership development.
 Fatigue at the leadership, management and line staff levels resulting in lack of focus & energy.
 New management systems (TQM, CQI) yet business as usual resulting in a
    demoralized environment.
 More demands, fewer staff requiring clarity of purpose & team work.
 Staff retreats for productivity and employee wellness.
 Lack of employee boundaries and a "personal life" resulting in too much dependence on the
    work place for self esteem and identity. Assistance in addressing and managing
    "Lone Ranger" and "Staff Splitting" behaviors.
 Group facilitation services.

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