"Specializing in the convergence of spirituality and human development"

Donald F. Schwab, Ph. D.
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"Through a process of therapeutic reflection and
self-awareness, life-changes which tend to produce a measure of anxiety or pain can move toward a place of growth and maturity."

   Counseling and Therapy Services

Grief and Loss
     Career Changes & Challenges
           Addiction Services: Recovery Enhancement
              Spiritual Growth & Development

 Anxiety or pain as a result of loss experienced through separation or divorce.
 Grief and loss of loved ones(s) through death, geographical separation or failed realtionships.
 Loss or change of job, or job status.
 Empty nest and change of home life patterns.
 Midlife transitions and spiritual hungers.
 Religious identity or tradition changes and search.
 Physical and health-related challenges and changes.
 Life chapter closings and "moving on".
 Addiction counseling and recovery enhancement.

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