"Specializing in the convergence of spirituality and human development"

Donald F. Schwab, Ph. D.
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During organizational changes, our goals include:

  • Promoting Growth
  • Accomplishing Change
  • Deepening of Spiritual Life.

  •    Donald F. Schwab, Ph. D.

    Donald F. Schwab began his ministry in 1972. After holding parish and educational posts, he became founding Director of Pastoral Care in a large, multi-denominational, acute-care setting in Rochester, New York. Dr. Schwab’s interest in family systems theory led to a Doctor of Ministry. Later, his work as therapist and consultant, took him to studies in the convergence of adult human development and spirituality. He received his Ph.D. in Pastoral Psychology in 2004. Dr. Schwab continues his work as therapist, work- and church-place consultant, teacher, retreat director and writer. He is a frequent presenter in the convergence of Psychology and Spirituality. He resides with his wife, Carole, in Rochester, N.Y.

           As Consultant

    Leaders, staff groups, management teams and other types of community groups seeking a healthier, more cohesive environment in which to collaborate for the sake of producing a quality product, or performing a valuable service, often place "outcomes" before the "wellness of the work-group" and the systems surrounding their work. Therapeutic change within groups begins with the willingness of the group to look within and around themselves - including the systems that have formed over time - before looking for sources of pain, trouble, or confusion outside of the group.

    Therapeutic change in groups begins with the courage of the group, and the systems supporting them, to address and take responsibility for healthier dynamics among members as well as an understanding of healthy adult partnership [working together] in the service of a greater good.

           As Therapist

    I have worked with individuals, couples, and groups for thirty years in a variety of health and human service settings. My therapeutic approach rests on both physical and spiritual/human development frameworks which see the human person as capable of embracing the changes and challenges of adult life in ways that will ultimately enrich their humanity and allow them to move on to a new level of creativity and freedom.

    Therapeutic change begins with one's willingness and courage to explore human hungers - often marked by crises and change - with courage, support, and in an environment of safety and professional confidentiality.

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