"Specializing in the convergence of spirituality and human development"

Donald F. Schwab, Ph. D.
175 Allens Creek Road
Rochester, NY 14618
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 Counseling & Therapy
Assisting inidividuals, couples, families, and groups in the healing and growth process. "Through a process of therapeutic reflection and self-awareness, life-changes which tend to produce a measure of anxiety or pain can move toward a place of growth and creativity."

 General Consulting
Assisting individuals, management teams, and general staff through workplace changes & challenges; group process work; staff development, training & retreats; vision, value & mission clarification.

 Church Consulting
Services for faith communities: Particular changes and shifts in church leadership, committee composition and membership tend to "bring forward" other more subtle issues that have been gathering over time. Attempting to deal only with the obvious and the immediate may not promote growth, accomplish change, or deepen spiritual life.


The Spiritual Dimensions of a Therapeutic Relationship by
Donald F. Schwab.
Available from
the publisher:
Cloverdale Books

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